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Administrative office

Director of Cadastre - Gustavo Adolfo Morales Marulanda
Phone: 2347600 ext. 7002

The Administrative office for the Special Administrative Unit for the District’s Cadaster (Unidad Administrativa Especial de Catastro Distrital) has the following functions:

  1. Implement and guarantee the fulfillment of statutory regulations from the Board of Directors.

  2. Formulate and present the district’s policy regarding geographically referenced information, land registry, the city’s cartographical information, define the city’s nomenclature and all of the other unit’s services, to the Board of Directors.

  3. Lead a planning process for the management of our institution, based on strategic development plans in line with our mission, our nature and the challenges that the Unit has to face according to the District’s Development Plan. The results of this process will be presented to the Board of Directors for approval.

  4. Delegate functions among the public servants that are considered fit, all within the current legal framework.

  5. Bring suggestions to the Board of Directors for changes in statutes to insure the unit’s successful functioning.

  6. Present a management and financial report to the Board of Directors that details the execution and current state of action plans, projects and programs. It has to include strategic, operational and budget scenarios for the fulfillment of the unit’s mission.

  7. Prepare and present an annual project budget for consideration and approval from the Board of Directors.

  8. Oversee the development and fulfillment of the Unit’s technical, administrative, financial and commercial functions, so that they are achieved within the programs and projects established. Based on these function’s dynamics, this office will propose adjustments in the Unit’s internal organization and set other guidelines for the regulation of official procedures.

  9. Approve and present to IDECA’S directives the documents that have strategic definitions for infrastructure. Among these are: project plan for the evaluation of IDECA’s users needs; IDECA’s strategic plan; standards for integration of spatial information; training manuals for IDECA’s users; a monitoring report of financial development, projects and contracts in IDECA.

  10. Fixate prices for the unit’s goods and services. Prepare and present projects to the Board of Directors regarding policies and criteria for the commercialization of the unit’s goods and services.

  11. Guarantee the practice of internal control, supervise its effectiveness and take into account recommendations that may appear in this process.

  12. Direct and coordinate the creation of policies and of a Communication Plan regarding UAECD’s external and internal communication.

  13. Lead hiring and contracting processes. Honor agreements, contracts and other legal acts that are necessary for the unit’s correct functioning.

  14. Issue the administrative acts and make decisions over ordinary and extraordinary resources within its competence.

  15. Subscribe to collective bargains and pacts, grant union permits and establish working hours.

  16. Represent the unit legally, judicially and extra judicially in all of the legal and administrative procedures it has to partake in. This, in regards to issued acts, actions, omissions that may have taken place or other operations the unit develops according to its functions.

  17. Adopt regulations, functions and requirements manual, and the process management system.

  18. Exercise the power of internal regulation according to the law.