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¿What is road and housing nomenclature?

Urban nomenclature is key to the proper functioning, order and planning for the city. It makes the location of properties and roads easier, through a model of structuring axes.

Nomenclature is designed for:

  • Spatial orientation of citizens

  • Property registries

It must obey the following characteristics:

  • Universality, unity and no repetition.

  • Flexibility and the capacity to be expanded.

  • Clear and self-contained

Road nomenclature is an ensemble of alphanumeric characters used to identify a road. It’s composed of the main road nomenclature, and, for some roads decided by the City Council, its common name.

Main road: the road where the property has its main access.
Secondary road: axis of less numeric denomination that intersects with the main road.

Housing nomenclature is an alphanumeric unique identifier, assigned properties and classified in the following categories:

Main (main access to the property), Secondary (secondary access still located in the main road), Included (access in other roads different from the main). It’s composed of the Main road- Secondary Road. The number represents the approximated distance between the reference axis and the property’s access point. When required, a third component may be added to denote the interior of the property: lot, building, apartment, etc.