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Who are we

The Special Administrative Unit for the District’s Cadaster (Unidad Administrativa Especial de Catastro Distrital) is the official organization in charge of activities related to training, maintenance and updating activities inventory of real state located within the district. This is done through the study of the physical, economic and legal elements of each property. 

Processes of actualization and conservation of land registry are done both massively and by specific request from citizens. During these processes each property’s information is registered textually and graphically (cartography) in the Unit’s databases.

Therefore, Bogota’s Cadaster has a unique and official database of geographically referenced information, which registers the changes experienced by a property, officially assigns and sets property indicators (a chip, a sector code, and a land registry number) and its address and road nomenclature. 

This information is of great value to different institutions, both in the public and private sector, for their decision making in issues related to city planning and administrations.

Bogotá’s Cadaster has the following basic functions:

a. Carry out, maintain and update the district’s Land Registry Census. Fixating property values and serving as a base to determine the taxes on said properties. 

b. Elaborate and maintain the updated map of the Capital District. 

c. Stipulate the official road and address nomenclature. 

d. Set standards for the management of geographically referenced information and participate in the formulation of public policies to set protocols for their exchange. Coordinate the capital district’s Special Data Infrastructure - IDECA. 

e. Carry out commercial appraisals for public organisms and private businesses that require them.

f. Provide all of the organization’s documents and technical instruments to the District Planning Secretary (Secretaría Distrital de Planeación) so that it may carry out its functions.