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Mission and vision


Made up of an integrally trained team of human beings, Bogotá’s Cadaster is in charge of updating the district’s Land Registry Census, provide the citizenship with all of its data and help contribute in the city’s decision-making process. 

Vision 2016

To become a leading organization for geographic and land registry information, that will serve different purposes for the city. 

  • Our priority: Building a relationship that is suited for all of the needs of the citizenship and that will ensure its satisfaction.

  • Our resources: A fully trained, developing staff, supplied with technology and using modern processes to deliver high quality information. 

The Capital District has comprised a set of ethic guidelines that is evidence of the principals and values that this administration had prioritized. Each public entity has to strengthen a culture of ethics and service to its citizens, and in doing so contribute to the humanization of public governance within the city. These principals and values are shared by Bogotá’s Cadaster (solidarity, equality, respect, vocation of service -commitment to the client-, integrity, team work and responsibility) and have become our ethical goals. 

Even though all of these goals are shared with the district, we have prioritized some of them and complemented them with other core values. These are needed to promote and consolidate the changes required in our organizational culture to achieve our mission and vision. 

These values are:

  • Respect: We acknowledge that every human being as a unique individual and we will guarantee respect for each team member’s dignity and individuality. 

  • Team work: Sharing ideas, solving problems and promoting contributions for all of the staff so that all of the common goals are met.

  • Commitment to the client: We work to develop and build lasting relationships with our clients. These relationships are based in quality, trust and credibility in our products and staff.

  • Training and innovation: We value knowledge, experience and staff contributions, and we believe in the betterment of processes through ideal practices and technological tools. 

  • Solidarity: We are permanently creating collaboration spaces to promote a great working environment.