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Products and services


Throught Cadaster’s website, users can obtain Cadaster Certificates, consult their property appraisals, obtain Property Possession Certificates and consult their the state of their procedures. 
 Furthermore, in the Unit’s Costumer Services points, located in 20 de Julio, Bosa, Americas, CAD and Suba’s SuperCADEs, citizens can:

  • Revise their appraisals
  • Comprise or separate land and properties
  • Set property boundaries
  • Incorporate topographic information
  • Rectify property and construction areas
  • Other

Cadaster’s Store, located in SuperCADE CAD (Carrera 30 No. 25-90) offers users:

  • Alphanumeric registries
  • Printed and thematic maps
  • Commercial, rural and urban, appraisals. VIS and tax appraisals.
  • Blueprints with road information of all city properties. 
  • Geographic Information in digital form
  • Aerial photographs in digital form