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Commercial Management Office and Customer Services

The Commercial Management Office and Customer Services of Bogota’s Cadaster is the organ in charge of tending to the citizens needs. It makes goods and services available through efficient and effective proceedings. The office is also responsible for the commercialization of the products developed inside Cadaster. It set up guidelines for effective customer services and leads the process of innovation in the products offered. 

Customer Services is an area made up of competent public servants, trained in assisting citizens with updated land and property information (legal, physical and economic). Employees use updated and efficient procedures that rely on modern technology to ensure an adequate, agile and efficient interaction with users. 

¿Which are the Service Channels that Cadaster offers its citizens?

  1. Face-to-face costumer service: 
    Costumer service points in the CADE city network. For more information about these service points consult here:

  2. Phone service: 
    Users can receive information from Cadaster dialing 2347600, extension 7600, Mondays through Fridays from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  3. Correspondence: 
    Citizens can make any request through Cadaster’s correspondence window. Here, Unit receives applications from other national and district organisms, as well as from residents from outside the city. 

  4. Online requests:
    In Catrastro’s official website: you may find a link to our Online Services: Catastro en línea

Cadaster’s institutional email can also be used to resolve doubts, complaints and suggestions:

For legal and extrajudicial matters:

The Mayor’s Office Procedure and Service Guide, also contains information about Cadaster:

And also in the district’s Complaint System

What is the Commercial Office? 

Through Agreement 257 of the 30th of November of 2006, Bogotá’s Council transformed the Administrative Department of District’s Cadaster into the Special Administrative Unit of the District’s Cadaster (UAECD). This unit has: a technical and specialized nature, its own legal aptitude, administrative and budgetary independence; and its own patrimony. It is also subscribed to the Secretary of Internal Revenue. Article 64, paragraph b, subsection 2º, establishes that UAECD’s resources are made up of: “The sum, values and properties that it receives by leasing its properties and by services given of any nature”. This is why UAECD decided to have a determined space for all activities regarding commercialization of goods and services, a place to build commercial strategies to enter the market. This is how the Commercial and Merchandising Office was created and registered into the unit’s strategic objectives.